The Situation

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We are in the midst of the most significant downtown development in Springfield in a century. Already planned are a new full service hospital, a new surgical hospital, a green space surrounded by offices, additional streetscape improvements and an ice rink. In addition, there is the possibility of converting Buck Creek into a waterway that is more available for recreational use. Other significant possibilities are under consideration.

Where will Wittenberg help?

Each new development adds exciting opportunities for Wittenberg to become more involved in the greater Springfield community. Through research projects, service opportunities and internships Wittenberg can play a significant role in the remaking of downtown Springfield. In the process our faculty, staff and students can gain valuable experience.

The Buck Creek Corridor Project offers some excellent opportunities for significant science studies. Monitoring water flow, water quality, and animal and plant life would provide a live laboratory for both Wittenberg and local K-12 science courses. Service projects of stream and shoreline cleanup have already occurred, but the need will be ongoing. More broadly this project will require market research and promotion for the resulting recreational opportunities to reach their full potential.

Current Projects

Read about our current work on this initiative here.

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